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J.R. Rogers
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Pages not refreshing

Having a problem in PhotoPost with pages not refreshing. Whenever I approve images and then click the 'back to user Index' button, the new images do not appear. When I click refresh, they will appear. Also, sometimes when I have the red check mark indicating that photos need approval, I'll click on Admin, click on Approve / Bulk actions and the queue will be empty. I can even hit refresh in the browser several times and the images wont show up. But if I right click in the approval frame and select refresh, the images waiting for approval will show up. Then, once I approve them, sometimes they will reappear for approval. click refresh and they're gone. However, if I go back to the index and then click on admin and approve/bulk, the images show up again waiting for approval. Obviously, it's caching the pages but I don't understand why. Something up with my cookie settings? Where should I start?

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