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License Agreement Question

Since I haven't had any luck here or at PhotoPostDev regarding a question about running a contest with the script or finding a similar question/answer, I figured I would ask a license agreement question here.
To give you some background on what I want, basically all I am looking to do is have one category where users can submit photos on a particular topic and the other users can vote. The top rated person wins. With my current installation, since I have other categories if I were to just add this category to it, people rating and commenting on other categories would get added into the contest results as well. I want them to still be able to rate other photos, but I also want a seperate rating just for the contest. From everything I have read, basically it doesn't seem very possible right now without some MAJOR coding, which no one seems willing to help with.
What would solve this is if I were able to run another instance on the same domain using the same database. This would seperate the two rating systems and allow me to do what I want to do. Basically this is how it would be:
Current Site -
Contest Site -

From reading the license agreement, it doesn't seem that this is permissible, but I would like some clarification since it is on the same domain and uses the same database. Or would I have to buy a new license just to do this? Thanks!
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