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Are you referring to this section:

5.) vbPortal/vBulletin header-inc.php Visual Integration

If you use vbPortal or vBulletin, you can integrate your forum's look and feel into PhotoPost. The vbPortal integration displays your vbPortal top/left side, and bottom, around PhotoPost. The vBulletin integration displays your default vB header/footer templates with PhotoPost. To implement this, open header-inc.php and follow the instructions there. vbPortal users should only edit the vbPortal section (not the vBulletin section), and those who use vBulletin only should only modify the vBulletin section.

If so, then I have that set to:

$vbpath ="/home/hpisavag/public_html/forum"; // changeme
$pppath ="/home/hpisavag/public_html/gallery"; // changeme

If it's not that, then which FAQ? I don't see an FAQ section in the PhotoPost PHP Pro Installation (installphp.html) page.
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