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Michael P August 31st, 2010 05:08 PM

PhotoPost vBGallery v3.0 RC 2 (for vBulletin 4.0x) posted!
RC2 will be the last Version before Gold

Changes from RC1:
Major bug fixes in
wysiwyg quick reply (due to changes in vb 4.06, users could not post in wysiwyg mode)

++ lots of minor edits.

Lots of new settings.

Major changes in imagebit!

Users wanted to be able to display extra information. there are now 2 methods.
Context Field. If enabled, context field will show
Rating, Views, Comments, Date added, as soon as you order by ...
(Example: if you order by views (in browseimages) you will have the amount of views displayed under the thumb. If you order by Rating, then the rating will be displayed instead.
(you can choose if you want to display that field first or last)

Then there is also an additional field. (Example: you want to display the amount of comments, you select "comments" in extra field, and comments will be displayed either on top or bottom of the other info.

(If you order the page by comments, then extra field will override context field.)

As to the category field, it will only display where needed. (If you are in category cars, there is NO need, because ALL images there are in category cars. But if you are in category: Luc's images, then it might be interesting to know in which category the image is.

You can now set custom Titles for Newest images and Random images on Gallery index.

Flash Uploader

Just to remind you that this is a 3rd party plugin.
On some servers it will just simply not work.

Major changes to flashuploader from 2.5x
- phrased javascript
- You do NOT need permission "can upload from server" anymore
- User can now set amount of files to process in one pass without the "Upload from server" screen.
- If a user uploaded some files, and did not process them, he will see how many files there are to process when he loads Upload Page.
- You can set the maximum number of files to upload in one go in ACP
- Should work with flash 9.x and 10.x
- User can switch to normal upload if he wishes.

ATTENTION: Upload mode is cookie driven. This means that if you have uploaded in standard mode, you will only get to flash uploader if you select it manually!

If you use it once, you then will always get back to flash upload until you select normal upload again.

Michael P August 31st, 2010 05:33 PM

Demo site: PhotoPost vBGallery

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