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Chuck S April 7th, 2006 09:27 AM

Reviewpost-Reassign userid's when switching integration to vbulletin
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Okay when you import your forum into Vbulletin from another forum software the impex importer does not preserve the userid's thus when you switch integrations to vbulletin from the other software forum your userid's for users are different and ads will belong to the wrong users etc.

Here is a little script that will update the userid's correctly for you

You must be using at least Reviewpost 3.2x to use this script. This will simply scan the tables and get the right userid based off the username in your reviewpost tables and update the tables correctly.

snoopy5 April 2nd, 2013 12:35 PM

is this still the correct file vor Reviewpost version 6.2?

Chuck S April 2nd, 2013 12:52 PM

It is the file to correct userids on import. All it does is find what the userid is on your new forum based on Username ;)

snoopy5 April 2nd, 2013 12:56 PM

So I have to use it the same way as the userfix.php for photopost pro if I switch from vb integration to xenforo integration with reviewpost?

Chuck S April 2nd, 2013 01:16 PM

well yes it doesnt hurt. ;) it is just to make sure the import forum scripts do not harm things if they change userid's of the users. You do not want user b owning all user a's photos.

snoopy5 April 2nd, 2013 04:39 PM


when I try to run reviewfix.php, I get the following alert:

Deprecated: Function set_magic_quotes_runtime() is deprecated in /mypathto/reviewfix.php on line 46

I can enable magic quotes on the server again, but since php5 does not advise it, can I also use reviewfix.php without magic quotes enabled?

Chuck S April 2nd, 2013 05:28 PM

it does not matter should not hurt but yes this script was released many moons ago.

You can change the magic quotes line to this instead and should work fine. The error itself is really of no consequence.


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