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PyroMarkus October 4th, 2004 11:01 AM

How to save all changes to move to different DB?
Ok, here is the background:

- I changed A LOT in the php-files, the templates and the settings.
- I did that on an internal test server because these massive modifications took me 2 full weeks
- I started the modifications with a db dump from the actual PP on my real server
- before modifications I upgraded from PP 3.2.1 to PP 4.8.1 - I upgraded to vb 3.0.3 the same time

NOW I want to upgrade my real db/site with the modified PP version

- I will upgrade the 3.2.1 on the real server to 4.8.1 with the official downloaded PP version
- afterwards I will copy all php, language and template files into the directories on the server to overwrite the official version

Here's the question:

What exactly do I have to save/dump from the modified test db to save all options, css-styles to put it into the real db?
In what tables are these information saved (options, config, css-styles)?
What do I have to do more to take over all changes to the real db?

Thanks in advance,

PyroMarkus October 29th, 2004 07:57 AM

Maybe it was not that clear or interesting enough - but I really need that informations since I have mixed db with forums and phptopost tables:

In order to save all the informations about styles, config, options (anything missing?) from an heavily modified PP to put it onto another server - which tables of PP do I have to copy?

I donnot want to transfer images, threads, comments, categories, users!

I want to save all informations done in the settings (eg. options, config) of the admin panel only...


Michael P October 29th, 2004 08:18 AM

well, there is the config-inc.php file and the settings table; which depending on your setup may or may not need to be tweaked (if moving servers, paths and such will need to be tweaked).

styles are handled in the stylesheets directory for whichever files you modified.

PyroMarkus October 29th, 2004 09:04 AM

Thanks, Michael!

- the "Options" from admin panel are saved in the "settings" table.
- the "Config" from admin panel are saved in the file config-inc.php only.
- all things depending on styles, templates, languages are saved in the appropiate directories only - not in tables.

So, only one table to save, eveything else should move when moving all files - am I correct?

Thanks again,

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