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June 24th, 2012, 11:05 AM
I you various licenses PhotoPost Pro and photopsot classifieds and I'm considering buying ReviwsPost but they are very tight!
Your site is very old, your version of vbulletin is very old.
Going to see the sites of your demo, many do not work and your blog is not working for some time.
It makes me sincerely caredere that you are not very reliable!

Chuck S
June 24th, 2012, 11:24 AM
What is this post about?

June 24th, 2012, 12:35 PM
I do not understand what you mean.

Chuck S
June 24th, 2012, 08:49 PM
Not sure what your trying to say most likely because english is not your native language. Alot of words are misspelled and the structure of the sentencing makes it hard to understand what you are actually saying.

Now what I do get is you are a customer of a couple of older licenses. The blog appears not to work although it is the first I have seen of this and no one else has reported that so I will pass that along.

As far as what software we choose to use for our support forum that has no bearing on our software. We have absolutely no plans to update our site to vbulletin 4 series.

Our software works with the software we state on our site.