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February 1st, 2012, 03:02 PM

running Photo Post PHP .... I dont see a version in the code at the top, but the copyright is 2002, and this has been running for almost ten years without problems

The script is reporting an error that is can not execute $this = ""; on line 878

As a result, the script (gallery) does not work. You either get a blank white page or sometimes, the browser reports a web server error.

I asked the hosting co's tech support about this. They monitored and told me the error report about $this = "";

This started about five days ago. A folder/directory called "rascal" was removed from the sites directories right about then. You might assume that caused the problem although I can't confirm that exactly. In addition, it had garbage in it for the most part. The Tech said it looked like a hacked directory (ie uploaded by "someone else" I assume) I looked inside that folder it was all links to junk web pages. There was a php script (not PP) that said it's purpose was to track usage, with the real sites url added to it. But again, even if that particular php script was intended to be there, you would not expect someone to name it's directory "rascal". Or for PP to fall down because a usage tracker didnt load or exist?

I'm less than a novice with php. I'm helping out a friend who had someone else put this up (and they disappeared). While I've built web sites, I just don't usually play with php scripts. Had no need to.

The code at line 878. $this = ""; appears to me to be something internal to the script ? Ie setting a value for something that the script uses later on. I wouldn't expect the removal of an external directory which has no apparent relationship to the overall script to cause that. Nor would I expect setting a value for something (that's always been that way) to suddenly stop working. Which is a bit of a conundrum!

Does anyone have any suggestions on what might be causing this? I am very reluctant to touch something that's been working for so long, without understanding that error more clearly. More likely to cause new problems than solve the existing one.

I'm not keen on putting back up a directory that clearly contains mostly garbage, unrelated to the site, just to put things back as they were to see if that corrects the problem. Even if I were to do that, I'd like to understand how to track down why $this = ""; depends on that external directory. (hopefully without have to read through a gazillion lines of PP php code most of which I dont understand! grin)


Chuck S
February 1st, 2012, 03:48 PM
You need to upgrade your application since it is extremely old to support the newer PHP on servers nowadays that is your issue.