View Full Version : Forum remains unchanged after installing Classifieds

August 7th, 2011, 01:02 PM
Hi. I have just purchased Classifieds to integrate with my VB4 forum.

After several attempts, I successfully installed Classifieds. I created a new db for Classifieds, and used the vBulletin db for user db. I can log in as admin in PP control panel and change stuff there.

However, after installation, nothing from my vBulletin forum has changed. If I input the URL to designated Photopost Classifieds, it shows me the same page as vBulletin Contents page. For instance, how do I go on to create a classifieds listing?

In CONFIG-INT.PHP Integration Variables:
URL to your forums:url.com
(this page shows the default integrated vb4 contents, while actual forum URL is url.com/forum)

URL to PhotoPost Classifieds: url.com/list
(however, all related files are uploaded in url.com/pp-classifieds42)

All of these has been set to "on"

Am I missing something or have I totally messed up with the installation? I have edited navbar template in vBulletin to hide anything a lot of stuff.

Any help would be thankful.

(I understand I am posting in a wrong forum, but I cannot post in the Classifieds support forum. Please move the thread if necessary.)

Chuck S
August 7th, 2011, 02:33 PM
You are doing nothing wrong. Nothing is by default going to show on the forum. If classifieds is installed correctly that would show using the vb header navbar footer and style of vb

There may be mods or hacks as they are called in the mod forums to show classifieds content into vbulletin