View Full Version : vbGallery 3.01 Released for vb 4.x

Chuck S
January 10th, 2011, 05:02 PM
vBgallery 3.01

Fix for new vbulletin css.
Fix for sidebars css, will now work with vb versions greater and smaller than vb 4.08
Fix for userprofile, user css should now work with gallery (background, border etc configured by user in profile)
Flashuploader sizelimit fix, files will NOT be uploaded any more if they are bigger than the biggest sizelimit defined in filetypes.
Fix for bad urls in memberinfo dropdown in image comments
Fix for bad urls to gallery home when vbseo is active
Fix for PMs when popups are active
Fix for some xcache issues (experimental)
Some minor bugfixes
Many template fixes, also 5 new css templates.
4 hardcoded phrases are now phrased
Fixed 2 errors in installer.

to install
Overwrite ALL files!!! Do NOT forget subdirectories in gallery folder and forum folder!
then run the installer -> http://yoursite.com/forums/admincp/vbgallery_install.php and select the upgrade option
You should also revert all changed templates !!!

PS: You can if you wish export your settings to xml file before install and if something changed (which should not happen) you can always reimport them.