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December 15th, 2010, 06:21 PM
Dear photopost team,

sorry for my bad English, but i hope you can read my posting and may be can understand, what i mean with my following ideas or conclusions.

We have some licences all over the products of photopst: photopost pro, vbgallery, review, classified..., what ever. So we know your products since 4 years.

Our main site is a professionell site and we need it and the photopost products help us to earn money. So we bought and buy professionell products, that can help us to do our business a little easier.

So what did happen?

Lets talk first about photopost pro, not vbgallery. We are using vbulletin since 2004, not the 4 release, but the latest stable 3.8x. And that will be for the next months, may be years.

Everyone who uses vb 3.x don`t need photopost pro, because after years of developing this fantastic gallery is not usable with any vbulletin stuff,
sorry. You cannot change the style, you cannot integrate any hacks or mods. And and and...

As a standalone gallery it`s not bad, but really, there are other solutions that are better than photopost in a standalone release.

For vbulletin owners is vbgallery the first choice. It was and it could be integrated in vbulletin as no other gallery. So why not doing this? Why not doing this after testing new releases before the first announcent? Your support is great! I have to say this: Chuck is available and competent all the time. Luciano ist a great Supporter.

But the new releases, sorry, are pure and without any proovement in heavy live envirements.

So what can we do to support and help you? We have a German photocommunity with nearly 70.000 registered members and we need a stable solution für gallery and adds on this.

I don`t know if you sell more vbgallery licences or photopost pro licences. For us it is important, that you have one eye on vbgallery for vbulletin!:-)

Just my two cents...

Have a nice and wonderful christmas and a good and healthy new year 2011 with some fantastic releases to vbgallery 2011!:-)



Chuck S
December 15th, 2010, 07:24 PM

There have been many changes in the program over the years. Right now we are focusing our attention on PhotoPost 8 which should be focused on the User Interface of the program. Pro has SEO and flash uploader and many more features and flexibility of most competitive products out there and provide top notch support. vbGallery is an addon gallery which supports only vbulletin and does not have all the features of Pro but has enough features to be really the best addon gallery for vbulletin 3 or 4 series since it is integrated with vb admin panel which alot like..

Our company is always updating the software. I see your asking what you can do but I see no real ideas on what you are looking for inclusion for in the program which are always welcome.

You will not see Pro going anywhere since that is our Flagship product. Feel free to post any features you are looking for inclusion in the next version of vbGallery in the vbGallery suggestions forums but just an FYI I would not be looking for many new updates to vb3 series of vbgallery since that forum will soon be end of life in the future. They are not really developing the series 3 code branch any longer just providing bug fixes.