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Johnny Doomo
September 20th, 2010, 04:44 PM
If I own a bunch of photoposts, but in the member area under "Access Expires" they all note that they need renewed, does this mean that I am not even entitled to post in the support forums?

What about if I am coming across problems that existed in the version of your software, and am only trying to get the "bugs" fixed. I have to pay a renewal fee, just to get you to fix something that should have worked in the first place? This doesn't seem fair to me, as it feels like I am being punished simply because I didn't test every single feature and in way, "double check" that you programmed the script correctly that I paid for. Or is this an exception, and I can get help with my problem?

I'm just trying to understand if I am entitled to some support.

Also, in the member area when I try to download my copy I get a message that says

"Your members area subscription for this software expired. Please renew if you wish to download updates."

Not to be picky, but shouldn't I still be allowed to download the latest copy that was released before my "subscription ran out? Not that I need to, but it seems only fair that at any time I should be able to come back and download for what I paid for, instead of watching the calendar and making sure I get the download the day before my subscription expires.

Lastly, if I renew my "subscription", am I entitled to support for the version I am running (5.2), or only for the latest version? Is a renewal even going to benefit me, if I am not ready to upgrade my script?

Thanks for clarification on these questions.

Chuck S
September 20th, 2010, 06:40 PM

Your entitled to use the copy that you have of Photopost forever. However just as our site states you get access to support and members access for one year with a license. It is up to you if you wish to renew past that time.

5.2 is very old and there is no official support of such an early version. We have not offered that code for like 3 or 4 years. If you where having problems using such old code because its not going to be usuable on most new webhosts my support response would be to download the latest stable code as that would have any and all bug fixes and is the supported code and the way to ensure any old bugs are fixed.

Johnny Doomo
September 21st, 2010, 03:06 PM
If I renewed my license, can you try to help me with my current 5.2 install? The problem is that I haven't kept my files untouched, which makes it very difficult to simply keep my codebase inline with Photopost releases.

That said, most of my touching of the code is mostly graphical, and is rarely, if ever based on how photopost actually functions.

If it helps to answer the above question, my problem with 5.2 is that zip uploads are generating errors of "exceeds size limits", yet all settings allow far bigger uploads. And as long as those uploads aren't in zip format, they upload and are allowed fine. But as soon as you even put a single image in a zip file, you get the same error, that it exceeds the scripts limits. The error is displayed within the photopost template, and is not a white page with the error on it, which leads me to believe the error is script side, and not php / server side. (Which I've had my host already trying to troubleshoot.)

If I can get this problem resolved by simply renewing or purchasing a new license, I think I would be all for it. However, I would be fairly disappointed if I purchased a renewal and we were unsuccessful in fixing this problem with my 5.2 install. :(

Please let me know though, as I'm not currently interested in upgrading my version, and would simply disallow zip uploads, than have to re-tweak a brand new install.

Thanks for your help.

Chuck S
September 21st, 2010, 03:28 PM
Johnny we do not provide support for any install where our code has been modified. Modifying your code negates your ability to obtain product support. To obtain product support you must upload the default code.

Since your not willing to use default code or upgrade to the supported code on our site it would be hard to provide support since we do not support your altered code.

I know your well aware of our policy on code modification as we have answered this for you numerous times and it has not changed.

Johnny Doomo
September 22nd, 2010, 12:54 PM
Sad, that you aren't even willing to try and help. Seeing as how the changes I've made are simply many minor changes that would very unlikely affect how your script works. But I guess if you want to take an absolute approach to avoid any support problems.

You're right, I've asked for help before, and I've gotten tidbits here and there. I just forgot how hard it is to try and beat the responses out of photopost support. It's not like I've rewritten 10 lines of code. I've made rss feeds include "approved=1" so that Photopost stops showing images in my rss feed that haven't yet been approved by the admin.

I guess if you consider this a "unclean" install, and I lose all support I could of had, I'm SOL. It looks like support for Photopost hasn't changed much since I've been away. At least I didn't renew my 4 copies.

Thanks anyways.

Great product, not so great support.

Chuck S
September 22nd, 2010, 01:26 PM

We support our default released code released by our company. That is not the issue here so your statement of not so great support is not accurate. Your asking us to support very old code you have modified (hacked) and make sure it works on todays server environments. We can not do that.

I beleive I stated you would need to be running completely stock photopost code to obtain support. And if the result of any support investigation determined that any issues you have are with running such old code then to solve your issue you would need to upgrade to the latest software.

This is not uncommon in the software industry lets take vbulletin which is a huge company with the most popular forum software out there. They will not even talk to you if you modify there code. They say the same thing I do please upload clean files for us to take a look.

None of this is new to you as I know we have discussed this very issue before. The reason most any software companies have this policy in place is because the majority of any issues reported with software come down to hacking issues.