View Full Version : PhotoPost vBGallery v3.0 RC 1 (for vBulletin 4.03) posted!

Michael P
August 5th, 2010, 06:03 AM
vBGallery for vB4 is just about ready for a full release!

RC1 has a big number of bugfixes:

Fixed Forum home positions for main block
Fixed several issues giving array errors in browse images and index.
Fixed empty datastore bug
Fixed exif saving bug
Fixed navigation to profile depending on url type settings
Fixed cron replacement in footer
Fixed a couple of templates
Fixed deletion of non validated images..
Fixed forum search, if gallery is added it would give intermediate redirect
page even if that page was switched off
Major fix in Installer, settings now imported via xml file
etc.. etc.. over 50 bug fixes..
Changed Icon legend to come closer to vbulletin

Most important: 5 new features.

1) Dynamic Imageblock for forumhome Mainblock

This setting will show images in one line. If you select like 15 images, only the possible amount of images will be shown depending on browser window size. from 1 to 15 depending how many fit in the line. (the other images are hidden)

2) Forum Postbit integration (adapted from 2.5 -> in userdropdown and below posts)

3) Admin can now set defaults for user profile settings (Users can still change them, but if not, they will have settings defined in ACP)

If you do a usermerge in ACP, images, subscriptions favorites and comments etc will also be merged.

4) Installer: Before upgrading you have now the option to export settings to xml file. It is recommended you do this before upgrading. (feature will not show on fresh install as there is nothing to export)

5) The xml file will contain all settings!

There is a new import/export section in ACP also.

So if you upgrade, you can reimport the settings you have, only new settings will have default values.

(Also very usefull if you configure your gallery on localhost.. you can then import the settings to your production site)

Server settings are NOT overwritten, (like filepaths, safemode, paths to watermark or path to imagemagick etc...) as they will only work with one server.

You can also import export category structure.

Its a new way to import the structure.. imported categories will NOT overwrite existing ones !!!

But cats are added to the end, so user can move images from old categories to imported ones after import.