View Full Version : ReviewPost 5.0 Final Released 3-25-2010

Chuck S
March 25th, 2010, 05:56 PM

Reviewpost 5.0 is a major update with features users have requested as well as any bug fixes since the release of 4.2

New features:

. vB4 support
. Ability to set a url to an image for a categories avatar
. RSS script for reviews when viewing revshow script.
. SEO URLs (requires .htaccess file)
. Single URLs for images
. 301 redirects to SEO pages for spider and normal URLs
. SEO URLs enabled in Admin -> Edit Settings -> Global Options (choices are none, spider, seo)

Upgraded files

/*.php (except config-inc.php.NEW, config-intc.php.NEW, inc_ads.php, inc_classifieds.php)

forums/vb3.php (you only need this file if you are using the vb registration system)

templates/vb4enhanced/* (new directory)

HTACCESS (new file) -- You must rename this to .htaccess and upload to the classifieds directory. If your on a windows server and want to use SEO then you need to have an ISAPI Rewrite Manager installed and place the contents of the htaccess file in your ISAPI Rewrite Manager panel.

There is an upgrade script to run to add any new fields needed even if you where running the beta.