View Full Version : ReviewPost 5.0 Beta 2 -Support for vB4 and SEO URLS

Chuck S
November 25th, 2009, 03:20 PM
Disclaimer/Word of Caution: As with any upgrade, particularly a BETA one, please backup your systems before performing the upgrade. Novice users should be extreme caution, as if you encounter problems we will need to ask you questions about your setup to try and resolve any issues (and may ask you to modify code or your setup). If you are unsure about doing these things, you should not install or use this BETA update. Support for the BETA product will expire with each new update and not be supported at all past the BETA cycle.

ReviewPost 5.0 is a start of a major update with features users have requested. obviously with vb 4.0 just around the corner we are going to have multiple product betas open so the beta cycle is going to be longer than normal. Features etc will be added as time permits.

New features:

. vB4 support
. SEO URLs (requires .htaccess file)
. Single URLs for images
. 301 redirects to SEO pages for spider and normal URLs
. SEO URLs enabled in Admin -> Edit Settings -> Global Options (choices are none, spider, seo)

Upgraded files

/*.php (except config-inc.php.NEW, config-intr.php.NEW, inc_reviews.php, inc_reviewpost.php)

forums/vb3.php (you only need this file if you are using the vb registration system)

templates/vb4enhanced/* (new directory)

There is an upgrade script to run from beta1 to beta2 or from 4.2 to 5.0