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October 8th, 2009, 04:27 PM
I have not been on this site in some time now and today I tried posting a question in the photopost-pro forums, but it won't allow me to anymore. I am a valid member, and do own photopost-pro for many years now.

Please fix my ability to post.

I was going to ask in the member forums, but figured I might as well just ask my question here:

I looked through all the 'update' threads for the past year, and it seems that there is no current active development going on with photopost-pro other than a few security fixes.

Is photopost-pro a 'dead' project now?

I've noticed something really weird going on here and pretty much with every vbulletin forum lately. When I login, it gives me the box saying, logging me in, and then it takes me back to the page saying I am not logged in.

However, if I click any link on the page, it then shows me logged in. This happens on both FF3.5 and IE8, on multiple computers.

Is this a new bug with vb/pp that I am just not aware of?

Chuck S
October 8th, 2009, 04:50 PM
Photopost Pro is far from a dead project. We have had multiple releases in the past year to fix any issues. We are working on Photopost Pro 7 which has huge SEO improvements. Just like vbulletin you continually have project bug releases but new builds with new features usually only happen about once a year or so. Photopost 7 should be out within the next couple months.

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I cant say what issues you have with vbulletin as no one else seems to have the issue but I would suspect it is a browser issue if you experience this everywhere. Make sure your actually accepting cookies.

To be verified to post for support you need support access which means verified access which would most likely mean you need to renew members access.

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