View Full Version : bulkupload question

March 23rd, 2009, 10:21 PM
I got a batch guest uploader to work. Right now, it continues processing the photos by a link to the bulkuploader such as this: http://skidpics.com/bulkupload.php?ppaction=addphotos&do=preview&donotdelete=&photopath=0&upuser=&notify=&rating=&comments=yes&defcat=755&deftitle=&defdesc=&defdesc=&keywords=&numprocess=10&processall=no&dthumbs=yes&mature=no

If I use a redirect with the same link, it doesn't work - any reason why a clickable link would work but NOT a redirect?

Demo for the one that redirects is here: http://skidpics.com/guestuploader.php

Uploader that works with the link: http://skidpics.com/uploadphoto.php- Use the link at the top