View Full Version : Photopost Classifieds 3.1 Release Candidate 2 released - 3-13-2009

Chuck S
March 13th, 2009, 07:17 PM

PhotoPost Classifieds 3.1 is a huge update with lots of changes and additions.
I am about 97% done translating the admin area into language strings and probally sometime in the next release barring any issues will release this as GOLD.

New features or Updates:

. Subscription Link Placed in Menubar
. Went through all files and made the entire program XHTML Compliant. Need to do this from time to time.
. Removed lots of the nested table tags throughout the program converting to div tags to make way to conversion in future to more XML Content versus just XHTML.
. Added TinyMCE OpenSource WYSIWYG Editor
. Added script to show all comments on ad. ( linked off comments pal )
. Redesigned Show Product page to be more streamlined.
. Added option to toggle whether guests can use buy it now or not.
. Added option to hide bidders name on showproduct and bid history scripts.
. Added feedback total and percentage to showproduct page.
. Removed Preview Image and installed Web 2.0 Compatible thumbnail viewer if more than one Image.
. Added that if the main categories extra fields are enabled that they be required for entry on upload just like title and description.
. Added a business template.
. Added option to enable the -f mail paramter for php mail if users server requires it.
. Added option to enable sending of HTML mail if admin chooses to.
. Added a global send_ppmail function to centralize all mail in files down to a single function line.
. Defined Global charset variable to pass charset to html email and database additions for proper encoding of variables like russian, arabic etc.
. Added 3 more image fields for a total of 9 max images per ad.
. Defined Global variables for text alignment and direction to support display of the html according to the language selection. Opens up future addtions of arabic hebrew etc that support RTL display
. Added ability for user to enter a shipping amount.
. Added switch that if the bid on an auction surpasses the reserve ( buy it now price ) then the reserve prices used will be the new high bid.
. Moved language strings into database and started stringing admin panel for complete language translation ability

Upgraded files

*.php ( All main core PHP scripts have changed. Upload all except your config scripts. )

languages/*.php (Upload entire directory)
templates/*.tmpl ( Upload entire folder since most have changed for XHTML validation. )

New files:


/js/*.* New Directory upload it all.

You will need to run the upgrade.php script after updating your files as there are many changes. It is very important you
upload all the new files except your config files and header footer files etc as most everything has changed. Also very important. After upgrade there is also a new file phrases.php that one has to run.
The new script is linked on the upgrade script or as well the next step after running 3.0 upgrade it guides you.


// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// TinyMCE
// by Moxiecode TinyMCE - Home (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/index.php)
// For more information on this script, visit:
// TinyMCE - Home (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/index.php)
// Licensed under released as Open Source under LGPL by Moxiecode Systems AB
// TinyMCE - License (http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/license.php)
// Credit also due to those who have helped, inspired, and made their code available to the public.
// Including: >Johan "Spocke" Sörlin, Joakim Lindkvist, Andrew Ozz, and others.
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
// Enlargeit V 1.1
// by Timos Welt EnlargeIt! v1.1 (http://enlargeit.timos-welt.de/english/11/)
// Licensed under The GNU General Public License
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------