View Full Version : Upload link for unregistered users

February 16th, 2009, 10:55 AM
I wanted to add an upload link for unregistered users in the menu bar, even though they are not allowed to upload - with this, it will redirect them to the login screen.

But I also do not want this link to show once logged in, because the default one will show with the menu bar then..

I tried something like this in menubar.tmpl, but it doesn't work:

if ( $User['username'] && $User['username'] != "Unregistered" )
<a href="misc.php?action=login&login=yes">Add Photos</a> &middot;

Chuck S
February 16th, 2009, 04:36 PM
if ( $User['username'] && $User['username'] != "Unregistered" )


if ( $User['userid'] == 0 )