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July 28th, 2008, 01:41 PM

Very impressive feature list. I am a long time Coppermine user and have enjoyed that but there is no real Shopping mod created for it (yet). So... a few questions for you... (My apologies if these have been asked 1000x times already, I'd prefer to ask than search.)

I want to set up a site to sell photos and subscriptions via PayPal

a) Does PhotoPost Pro support an automatic PayPal type system
For example, a user pays for an image and is automatically given the link to download the fullsized version.

b) Can a user sign up for a subscription for one year and has his account automatically downgraded after that one year?

c) Can incentives be added such as buy so many images and then pick five free.

d) My site will be started from scratch, will I be able to batch upload approx 12,000 images?

e) Can I mass edit photo descriptions. For example, have 20 images show up in a column and I just go down and enter text into each of the photos text box.

f) I plan to use Adsense. Can adsense be turned off for specific user groups?

Thank you!

Chuck S
July 28th, 2008, 02:08 PM
a) sorry there is not commercial aspect to the product

b) Same answer as item a

c) same answer as item a

d) You can bulkupload images to categories sure

e) You can not mass edit things like that now on a bulkupload when uploading images you may mass enter titles descriptions

f) If you code up something like that using appropriate conditionals relative to the program sure