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June 14th, 2008, 07:08 AM
Well, after several work I start to be happy how our forum/gallery looks.

Site: Enfoca2.com :: Tu portal de fotograf?a online (http://www.enfoca2.com)
Content: Photography
Base forum: SMF + Tiny Portal
Scripts used: Photopost Pro + ReviewPost

I integrated some features like PicLens (http://www.piclens.com/), slideshow and created a page where can locate all the data of any user.

? Ficha (http://www.enfoca2.com/index.php?action=ficha;u=5) (you can find everything of the user here).
Last 5 photos, Best photo, Most viewed, ratio upload/comments, links to RSS, comments and gallery profile. Some random reviews and a link to all user reviews.

I added the "Ratio" feature to in the future limit uploads to users that have a ratio 3:1 or more. Thats mean the user need to make 3 comments to allow upload a photo.

At bottom we have a slideshow based on the photos of the user in the gallery (use RSS).

Of course, all uses RSS and "inc_features.php" tweaked to show it automatically.

This is the userbar that give acces to the "ficha" ;)
http://www.enfoca2.com/Themes/default/images/enfoca2bar.gif (http://www.enfoca2.com/index.php?action=ficha;u=5)

? Photopost Gallery (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/).
I integrated Piclens (http://www.piclens.com/) http://lite.piclens.com/images/PicLensButton.png, and is general, category and user based.
So show the last 200 photos if you are in the main index (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/), 200 of the category where you are (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/showgallery.php?cat=1), or 200 of the user photos if you are looking a user gallery (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/showgallery.php?ppuser=5&cat=500).

If you click on the play button and not have PicLens (http://www.piclens.com/) plugin installed you will see a slideshow in flash. If have PicLens (http://www.piclens.com/) installed you will see a nice 3DWall with 200 pictures.

I tweaked the Best Rated pal to show only images that have at least 5 votes.

Added the slideshow again in the gallery member profile (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/member.php?uid=5).

A hack to use lightbox in all images (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/showphoto.php?photo=2202&ppuser=5), and installed the last version of LightBox v2 (http://www.lokeshdhakar.com/projects/lightbox2/), so can show the caption and use 100% opacity overlay.

The panoramic category (http://www.enfoca2.com/galeria/showgallery.php?cat=7) have diferent size limits, so can upload images of 1200 px. Lightbox v2 still working there. The first click shows you the panorama at full size, and the second click shows full size in lightbox (to return to the med size I added a link under the photo).

Autohide "quickrating" if comments are allowed by the photo owner to force people leave a comment if want to rate. If user sets "allowcomment = no" in that photo then only shows quickrating.

Force have a comment attached to a rating, so if "allowcomment = yes" and "allowrate = yes", who want leave a rating have to write something in the comment field.

In the contest categories, "Hite votes until end" hack.

The minor tweaks are "show exif always", change Icons to text (like before) and a small modification to UBBCode.

In the future, I will close the upload rights to people that have "ratio" 3:1 or superior.

? Reviews (http://www.enfoca2.com/reviews/)
I did a menor tweaks here. I think is just limit the reviews to 1 per user/product
Nothing more for the moment ;)

Was really a big work, and more if considere my PHP knowledge as a "dummie", but I'm happy with the time I spend.

Any feedback is apreciated :)

June 16th, 2008, 02:09 AM
Nice looking layout !

July 1st, 2008, 05:51 AM
Nice site :)