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April 3rd, 2008, 06:17 PM
Hello. I really like the look and feel of your site, forum etc and am therefore interested in PhotoPost Pro. Can I just say why I need PPPro and what features I need, and ask you to confirm that all are possible ? I have studied your forums, and know that some features are definitely there but sometimes examples have been removed ....

I want to replace a business-to-business online video screening facility which I launched 18 months ago using PHP-Nuke and PHP-Nuke Video (not now supported). All I need is:
Controlled access to the site using username and password
Categories and subcategories
Display of category description
Display of video description
Embedded streaming of my existing 304x240 or 304x208 wmv files using the main browsers (IE, Opera, Mozilla, Netscape; also Safari or whatever Macs use)
Streaming of mp3 files too.
Ability for admin to rearrange categories sometimes
and maybe:
"Most recent videos" category
Thumbnails of videos
Downloading of catalogues in xls files

I don't want anyone else but me to upload videos.
I don't currently allow customers to download the videos, but sometimes think that I might in future.

I don't need features like user, views, rating, file size, dimension, comments, "Most popular", "Most viewed", keyword, links, or a forum. I don't want any search engines to have any access.

In summary, I'd like it to be fast, reliable, simple, functional, business-like and attractive - not glitzy and juvenile.

I was "happy" to carefully mod the PHP-Nuke Video scripts to remove lots of unnecessary features, but I can't code from scratch and prefer to select options to suppress features. Ideally it's easy to refer to all content as "videos" or "titles", instead of "photos" ?

Can you please point me at some sites which display small embedded wmv files ? I have seen Viper Alley, which is v good but not exactly what I need.

Will it be possible to point PPPro at my existing wmv files in their existing folder on my domain ? There are about 1,700 of them, so I want to minimize the workload.

Many thanks.