View Full Version : Which is easier to use?

February 10th, 2008, 07:31 PM
I'm having a dilemma over whether to use vbGallery or Photopost. Yes, Photopost comes with a myriad of features but I also find it's the bane of its existance, at least last time I used it. There are so many different items all over the place that the average user would need a serious "how to" guide to navigate around Photopost. Even looking at it there were tons of different items. Essentially, this is what is most important and even the more basic the better:

(1) A simpler, easy to understand UI where a user knows how to upload photos, create albums, categorize the photos/albums for placement in a directory, and how to make them available to others. Don't need all the other stuff like file info, numerous options for "last week, last month" etc. Simple interface.

(2) Easy way to browse a member's galleries. It would help if it had a way to click on the member and see their different albums and choose a photo album to look at.

(3) If you're looking at a photo that has been submitted to a gallery, e.g. "museums", it's easy to then go to the user's album that contains that picture.

Essentially I'm trying to have a community site that makes it easy for people to post up pictures from weddings, parties, trips, etc. Nothing fancy, just easy uploading and sharing of photos.

Chuck S
February 10th, 2008, 09:24 PM
My suggestion is to view example sites and compare the UI for yourself and make an informed decision. I am use to Photopost Pro but then I have been a user for about 6 years.