View Full Version : Any way of doing a "portal" type page for PP 6?

November 1st, 2007, 11:51 AM
I currently have a private site that consists of vBulletin, vBGallery, and vBa CMPS. I use the site really just for friends & family as a place to host our pictures online (having a dedicated server has it's benefits sometimes :)). vBulletin is being used as the backend with vBGallery for the pictures obviously and then I'm using CMPS just as a quick & dirty front-page portal to maybe show some of the latest pictures with a link to the vBGallery category. The forums really aren't being used except as a back-end system.

With PP 6 having a 'mini-forum' and some other features I think it'll be a perfect replacement for the configuration I'm currently using now with the added benefit being that I can move the vBulletin license to a different site instead of having to pick up another license.

My question is what kind of options do I have to replace the front page? I'd prefer being able to keep PP6 in a sub-folder and I'd like to be able to do something like I do now with the front page... give a short blurb about "Hey, I just added pictures from so-&-so's birthday party! Click here to check them out." along with the link & maybe an embedded picture or two. I'd also like to be able to give short heads-up notices like "Don't forget the get-together coming up...", etcetera. Right now a bare-bones vBa CMPS is perfect for that purpose.


November 2nd, 2007, 10:34 AM
Never mind. Turns out that with the existing tools I won't be able to convert the existing vBGallery install to PP Pro so I'll be sticking with vBGallery on that site. (EDIT: To clarify, I won't be able to to a total conversion of the existing images.)

Likely I'll end up having to now pick up an additional vBulletin license for the site I was going to move the vB license to and will use PP Pro on that site instead as a fresh install.