View Full Version : Photopost VBGallery - Better Integrated?

October 28th, 2007, 12:04 PM
I'm trying to create a photo site with forums and the ability to create a faux profile where you can see

- A user's photos of his pets (lets say dogs)
- Pictures available from the user's profile
- Ability to go to the gallery and automatically see listings of user albums for his pets

Mostly this is a picture site with forums and some profile information, e.g. what kind of dogs you have, breeds, etc.

I'm trying to figure out which is easier to use, Photopost or VB Gallery. I see the list of features are more extensive with Photopost and that integration of themes is close but which is really "better integrated?" I remember trying to use photopost and my biggest complaint was that the menu system made posting, sharing and organizing hell as it was not natural. Also too much clutter and the integration was completely cockeyed (especially logging in/out would jettison you and create confusion between forums and gallery.)

I'm hoping someone can share with me a good experience about what one may do in my case and what to consider. Now that there is no mobile module at all (until I receive a copy and can hack it) and it is only video, I'm not sure that photopost is such a clear winner.

Chuck S
October 28th, 2007, 12:18 PM
Well yes Photopost has more features. Both applications use the vb header footer style. Photopost has its own admin area and template system since it is a standalone application like vbulletin. vbGallery is more an addon to vb which means the templates and admin are all within your vb admin panel.

So basically the choice is yours.

October 28th, 2007, 03:27 PM
Chuck - Thanks for the reply and I understand that. But I need a little more specificity. Yes, Photopost has its own templating system. But if I'm going to use vB's template - and I know you can elect to do that in Photopost - are there any other benefits I'll see from Photopost other than a few more formats, e.g. video?

More importantly, is it easier to make modifications to the appearance of the gallery in either once you've chosen to use the vBulletin template? Which one is "easier" to use for users?

I can appreciate that it's not easy to give the nod to either but there are definite differences and the two products were begun from different places. There must be people who have tried both. I can tell you that my experience with Photopost and VB (was version 5) was a bit like Photopost was a separate product that was finagled to work with VB templates if that is what you wanted.

How about extensibility and hacking? Are there more current options with Photopost? Am I limiting myself with VBGallery? I'm looking to give users an easy way to use the Gallery and if someone has made this process simple (Photopost's methods with gallery creation are tough) then that is what I'm after.

Chuck S
October 28th, 2007, 04:18 PM

I am more comfortable with Photopost although others would say the opposite so yeah its not something we can tell which is right for you.

Photopost plays video inline natively and in vbgallery it is a hack you need to install to do it.

You can compare about and decide which is right for you. As far as hacking neither has an extensive active community but thats outside our company so your a verified customers you should be able to look around and decide which one is better for you.