View Full Version : Bought photopost (branding free) - vbulletin integration

September 2nd, 2007, 10:11 PM
Hi there,

I have a large forum.

I intend to use photopost to allow users of the website to upload photo's to certain categories.

We currently have two levels of users on our site. paid users and free users.

Can we have free users have a limit of X number of photo's per day/week, and paid members have unlimited photo's?

Also, to have ONLY paid members to have the ability to upload their own personal galleries?

If this is possible, can i set up custom messages for when a free user attempts to access a feature that only a paid member can use saying something like "To upload photo's here you need to upgrade (link here...)" etc ? To encourage the free members to take advantage of the better features a paid member recieves?


Chuck S
September 3rd, 2007, 10:07 AM
You can setup whatever vbulletn subscriptions you wish and set in edit usergroups the permissions based on usergroups for permissions etc they have