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August 25th, 2007, 08:21 AM
When I first had the my message board installed by Vbulletin and Photo Post
Gallery installed by Photo Post, Image Magik was the image processing library that was used for processing thumbnails and avatars. I noticed tonight that whoever did the last upgrades decided to change the Image settings to GD. Under the heading ?Image Verification Library? it states that you do not recommend using the Simple Font option but prefer to use Image Magik. The GD is more widely available but Image Magick is more robust, and supports more image types. Image Magick must have a valid path chosen below.

There are two Image Magick Binary Paths that can be used. One is Unix: /usr/local/bin/ and the second one is Windows: C:\imagemagick\. My operating system is Windows XP Professional. Could you please explain to me why Image Magik was taken off of my message board as the image processing library and why it was replaced by GD? If possible could you please re-install Image Magik?

Up until the latest upgrades I had a slide show of pictures that kept on changing on the home page of my message board. This slide show was at the top of the page just above the menu. The slide show consisted of photos from the Catagory section of Photo Post and the Photos would constantly be changing. Could you please re-install this capability?

Thank you,

Chuck S
August 25th, 2007, 10:02 AM
This really does not have to do with Photopost persay meaning I would suspect whoever did you most recent vb upgrade wiped that out.

There is no trace of ever being a photo block on your forum meaning it was never installed that I see

Here is how you would modify you vb