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June 22nd, 2007, 12:36 PM
I use PhotoPost Pro embedded in vBulletin. I have all the necessary embedded options set and it all works well with my vB style. I have it set to allow members of the forum to have their own gallery. I have it set to allow members in the gallaery to manage sub-albums. So, I created my own because I needed to break up the pictures into manageable groupings and I really wanted to see how it all worked.

So, I created an album entitled 'Kay Ancient City Classic 2007'. I then created three additional albums: 'Training 12 Weeks Out', 'Training 8 Weeks Out' and 'Training 5 Weeks Out'. I edited each of the training albums to have 'Kay Ancient City Classic 2007' as the parent. I then added the appropriate pictures to each.

Here is my 'un-expected' behaviour that I am getting. When I go to the gallery, the breadcrumb is at the root level, I see a gallery entitled 'Members Galleries'. In the same place is a link for 'Personal Albums Index'. So, following the first link, 'Members Galleries', it displays mine and another. Mine is 'Scotty' so I will click on that. It displays all the pictures I ever posted. All from other Galleries. Why are these showing in two places, mine and the gallery I posted them in? But, none of the pictures from the above mentioned personal albums. The breadcrumb displays 'Home ? Member Galleries ? Scotty'.

I backed back to the root and took the 'Personal Albums Index' link. The breadcrumb now displays 'Home ? Personal Albums' and lists the three sub-albums: 'Training 12 Weeks Out', 'Training 8 Weeks Out' and 'Training 5 Weeks Out'. Why does it not display only 'Kay Ancient City Classic 2007'? Then when I click on one of them the breadcrumb shows 'Home ? Member ? Scotty ? Training 12 Weeks Out'. Why is the 'Kay Ancient City Classic 2007' album not being respected here?

Am I doing something wrong? Are there additional settings or options I need to set? Is it not the intended functionality? Some of the options that I was not quite sure of and left at default are listed here... Do some of these need to be changed?

In the admin section:
'Depth (number of levels) of categories to display' option is set to 1. Does this have anything to do with albums and sub-albums?

In the show gallery section:
Do you want Members Gallery to show all of a users photos? option is set to yes. Does this affect showing pictures that were uploaded to a different gallery? You will notice if you look at the site that the pics from the other galleries that I uploaded also show in my member gallery.

The site is http://www.shreddedonline.com/photopost if you'd like to see what is happening.

Chuck S
June 22nd, 2007, 03:33 PM
Members gallery is just that members gallery. It is going to show all photos thats its purpose.


Your personal albums link brings up personal albums


Now nowhere on your site do I see an album named "Kay Ancient City Classic 2007"

One thing though that will affect your thinking here is that for a personal album to be shown it must contain a photo. We are not going to show empty personal albums

June 22nd, 2007, 05:19 PM
So, what does the option 'Do you want Members Gallery to show all of a users photos' do? In the galleries that I have created outside of the 'members gallery' section, I allow registered members to upload pictures. I didn't anticipate these same pictures displaying again in the 'members gallery'. I guess I was thinking that they would have a place to create their own 'albums' which they can.

The album you speak of, 'Kay Ancient City Classic 2007' is the parent of each of the three albums you see here http://www.shreddedonline.com/photop...ion=showalbums. It does not contain any pictures... I wanted it to be a container for everything "ancient city". I wanted it to display when clicking on 'Scotty'. I intended on creating a few more sub-albums leading up to the actual competition. I was then going to have an album for the competition. It wasn't going to have individual pictures in it.

As I look at this more, I notice that the '2007 Arnold Classic', '2007 NPC Palmetto Cup' and 'Miscellaneous' galleries display along side the 'Events & Competitions' gallery... YET, they are sub-galleries of it. Clicking on 'Events & Competitions' displays the '2007 Arnold Classic', '2007 NPC Palmetto Cup' and 'Miscellaneous' galleries. Is that the way it is suppose to work? It does not respect the parent->child relationship when listing them?


Chuck S
June 22nd, 2007, 05:22 PM
As stated members gallery shows all photos if thats what you set it to do

As far as the album as I noted everything displays fine but your main album will never show anywhere because it is empty and thats how that works it has to contain pics to show

June 22nd, 2007, 05:43 PM
Last reply and I'll let this go...

1. If I set 'Do you want Members Gallery to show all of a users photos' to no, will it display "only" the photos that have been specifically uploaded to the members gallery? Additionally, will it display albums that the user has created if they contain a photo?

2. Is there anyway to stop the '2007 Arnold Classic', '2007 NPC Palmetto Cup' and 'Miscellaneous' galleries from displaying along side their parent ''Events & Competitions'? I would prefer that only the ''Events & Competitions' gallery display and then clicking on it display the '2007 Arnold Classic', '2007 NPC Palmetto Cup' and 'Miscellaneous' galleries.

3. What does 'Depth (number of levels) of categories to display' do to displaying galleries? Does it affect the outcome of question 2 above?

Thanks for your patience...

Chuck S
June 22nd, 2007, 07:07 PM
1. Yes

2. well it is like this.

a. personal albums list displays all albums if they have photos uploaded

b. If you view the one album any assigned albums are shown


3. It tells how many levels deep to display cats on the index page. it has nothing to do with personal albums in any way