View Full Version : handle a public photocontest with PhotpPost?

May 8th, 2007, 11:28 AM
I'm looking for a software, I can manage a photo-contest for amateur-photographers.

Before buying your PhotoPost-software, I have to clarify the following questions. I try to list them in a way, like the photo-contest would run.

1 configuration
1.1 are there means to configurata an entry-page with informations and conditions for contest- and voting-participants
1.2 are there means to configurate a separate page where prizes are listed up, e.g. show the pictures of prizes as separate album
1.3 are there predefined fields for the signup-process of contest-members? which?
1.4 is it possible to define additional fields for the signup-process (e.g. date of birthday)
1.5 is the number of members limited/unlimited
1.6 are there predefined templates/skins for the differenz pages

2 criterias for photo-upload
2.1 does the software makes thumbs itself or
2.2 does the participant upload 1 thumb and a normal-size
2.3 is it possible to limit the size of thumb (e.g. max 100x100px) and normal-size (e.g. 600x600px) or
2.4 if the size of uploaded photos is unlimited, does the thumbs have all the same maximum size
2.5 photos are shown only with nickname and title
2.6 block possibility to give additional comments by internet-users or other members

3 photo-upload
3.1 users has to make a signup-process to get status of member, which allows to upload a photo
3.2 permit only 1 photo per member
3.3 uploades photos gets the status blocked. They can't be displayed, until they arunblocked
3.4 to control the photos uploaded, there must be possible to install a process, where responsible persons can select the new photos and unblock them, if ok ore leave them blocked
3.5 is it possible to block members
3.6 able to set a deadline, to determine possibility to upload photos
3.7 export member dates of participants (e-mail, nickname, name, firstname, adress, titel of photo, etc)

4 voting
4.1 if there are more than 100 photos, is there a possibility to make a preselection by a committee and give free for voting only the selected photos
4.2 are there already voting systems
4.3 possible designs for voting systems:
4.3.1 Every voter has 24 points. Per photo he can give maximum 6 points.
4.3.2 Every voter has 10 points. Per photo he can give 1 point
4.3.3 other systems?
4.4 set date for start voting
4.5 existing members are authorized to vote without new signup-process
4.6 other users must signup before voting
4.7 set deadline for voting
4.8 export member datas of voters

5 ranking
5.1 evaluation-tools for ranking?
5.2 generate a ranking list for webmaster and export it
5.3 publish ranking with photo, name, firstname
5.4 possibility to make a link to the prize

6 software conditions
6.1 runs on linux- or windows-server?

7 additional questions for facultative options
7.1 is it possible to run with the same database more than 1 photocontest (parallal or in succession)

Thank you in advance also for giving advices only to singular points.