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May 2nd, 2007, 10:53 AM
Hello everyone... we are new to PhotoPost and are working on our settings in conjunction with an integrated vBulletin we have. Rookie question... is there a way for a person posting in a Category to post multiple pictures in a single post?

We are a clothing company and get a ton of pictures from our customers out and about having fun in their world. We are turning this over to them (we use to post them for them), it became unmanageble so they'll be able to do it themselves and then folks can chat about the pics. Imagine "X" is surfing in Costa Rica, posts 9 pictures from the trip some in our gear some not. Then folks chat about the pics etc... We don't give our members "Member Galleries" but lump pictures in major categories like golfing, surfing-snowboarding.

We can't quite figure out if say that single person can post the entire 9 pictures under their single post, and then people can see all the photos together and even run a film strip, then comment below that.

Are we missing something, in reviewing other PhotoPost sites we've seen mutlitple photos on a single post. Ideally this is a functionality that if it was a snake would have bit us.

Any advice / guidance would be great... on the settings we need to change update to make this possible. We love the integrated PhotoPost with vBulletin but want to get it just right before we release.

-Chris PeakeUSA

Chuck S
May 2nd, 2007, 12:07 PM
Photopost Pro is a Photo Gallery meaning everything is centered around one Photo. If your looking to have multiple pictures say around one product then Reviewpost is maybe what your wanting to check out. Only our Reviewpost and Classifieds products have the ability of multiple pictures per product since they are centered around product reviews and product ads. The nature of a photo gallery is to view a single photo and people can comment on this photo.