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January 20th, 2007, 08:47 PM
A problem just cropped up that I need your help with. After enabling spider friendly URLs the vb header on the index page, upload page, my photos page, search page, and profile page my vb header looks fine. However, on the show photo page or Members Gallery list page the header is missing the two images that comprise my logo. I've attached two images to illustrate.

The URL to the images changes from this on the "good" pages: http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/photopost/images/wrench.jpg

To this in the "bad" pages: http://www.homebuiltairplanes.com/photopost/showphoto.php/photo/332/limit/images/wrench.jpg

Also, if someone links to a photo before I change to spider friendly URLs, will the link break with I change it? Thanks.


Michael P
January 20th, 2007, 08:52 PM
No, spider URLs will work in reverse; but not the other way around (meaning regular URLs will work with spider enabled, but spider URLs will not work with it disabled).

Check your image paths and make sure they are complete paths to your image (like /forum/images/image.jpg).