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January 11th, 2007, 02:53 PM

I've seen this topic touched on lightly, but I would like to be sure about this before buying a licence.

1. ReviewPost can be configured to use phpBB2's user/group system? I believe the answer is yes, but I'm just checking.

2. Can I do true Forum integration? Meaning can I have ReviewPost categories show up in the same interface as phpBB2 forum structures? Ideally, they would be one in the same. It appears that this is available with vBulletin, but what about phpBB2?

And an unrelated question--is there a package deal where one could buy both PhotoPost Pro and ReviewPost at a combined discount?

Thanks in advance,

-- C

Chuck S
January 11th, 2007, 05:24 PM
1. yes

2. We only have a block for vbulletin but I guess you could modify the file to use with phpbb2 if you know how to do that and where to hack that forum.

Our forum integration is user login and stylesheet integration

Buying 3 licenses entitles you to 10 dollars off each license. I beleive 2 licenses only gets you 10 dollars off one license. You can verify that by placing both in your shopping cart and seeing what the discount is. I do not work for sales but I beleive that is correct.