View Full Version : Pre-sale questions

December 12th, 2006, 10:23 AM
I have a few questions before we purchase...

I assume there is a bulk upload tool? We have several thousand photos we would need to put into PhotoPost initially, and then typically several hundred at a shot. Obviously we don't want to do this a few at a time which is the problem we have had with virtually every other app we have tried.

Can this be run as a stand-alone application or must it be integrated into our VB3 install? In it must be integrated, can we store photos on a seperate host than that of our forum?

Can we restrict memberships? We would like to use it to host our club event photos for anyone, member or not, to view, with a few people having rights to upload to those galleries. We would also like to be able to give our paid members (versus our free memberships) their own gallery space which would include space limits.

Is PhotoPost cpable of handling or setting bandwidth limitations on a user per user basis?


Chuck S
December 12th, 2006, 10:33 AM
1. Yes there is a way to bulkupload images in Photopost.

2. You can run it as a standalone or integrated with vb3 whichever you choose. The Photos must be stored on whatever server photopost is on.

3. You can set permissions based on usergroup as your wish meaning whoever you want to view upload or comment on photos will be able to and those you do not wise will not.

4. You may set filesize and diskspace limitations as well as uploads per day based on usergroups not a user by user basis.