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November 2nd, 2006, 01:37 PM
We are having problems when uploading files. When we upload Around 2-3 meg files and up, the software never goes to the "Add Photos - Select Photos / Configure Properties " screen. It just kicks us back to the main page.
If we upload a smaller file but never process the file, when we upload the larger file the software brings us to the "Add Photos - Select Photos / Configure Properties" page but with only the smaller file still waiting to process, no larger file is shown.

This is the site www.rcflix.com

Chuck S
November 2nd, 2006, 04:29 PM

PHP by default has a max uploaded filesize of 2mb so you will never be able to upload a larger file than PHP allows with the software unless you alter your server's PHP setup to allow larger files than that restriction. You need to edit the php.ini file but if your on a shared server more than likely you need to contact your host.

November 2nd, 2006, 07:36 PM
Ok, I fixed that. It seems my php.ini was changed somehow. I'm still having issues with larger files. Like 10meg and up. Any ideas on how to make this better?

Chuck S
November 2nd, 2006, 07:46 PM
You will need to diagnose each error and correct as necessary like is it a memory issue is it a timeout? You need to deal with the error you get accordingly