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October 31st, 2006, 10:03 AM

I asked in some other forum two days ago, but unfortunately there were no replies regarding this comparison..

It looks like PhotoPost PHP Pro & vBGallery both lack some features that I'd like to have, so the most important question is - are there some hacks or/and how easy it would be to make a hack to add the desired features. I changed a lot in my vBulletin (v.3.0.7) even though it took me many months (I hope the gallery modifications will not take that long). It shouldn't be a problem for me to install any existing hack (except vB 3.5+ is required), so I'm trying to compare not "out of the box" installations but the sum of the default functionality + hacks/modifications available on vB/PHP unofficial sites (even though I still use vB 3.0.7, I've vB member area access).

What I like in PhotoPost PHP Pro :

1) Recent Comments (I don't really need the latest/random images, but the latest comments(along with thumbnails) and the way they're displayed in PhotoPost is nice)
I've never seen a vBGallery with "latest comments" section in Home.

2) Multiple tags/keywords (assigned to the same image/media file), search by a single click on these keywords

3) From the official comparision list:
- Optional thumbnail upload for Video files,
- Multimedia/Video Support,
- Upload photos in ZIP's
( not very important, but still a nice bonus )

What I don't like in PhotoPost PHP Pro (or at least in the version PhotoPost PHP vB3 Enhanced installed on one of my fav. sites) :

1) There seems to be a search bug - some of the search parameters are lost once you click on the link to the 2nd page!
( first found "Images 1 to 12 of 56", 5 pages --> click on the 2nd page --> "Images 13 to 24 of 90", 8 pages,
searched for Username + keyword + time (1 month) ; it looks like the time filter doesn't work after selecting page 2)
[ may I ask if it's already fixed? ]

2) The users' online status is not adjusted according to the "Invisible" option. The "Invisible" users are displayed as "Online".

3) Keywords: in the forum mentioned above the keywords are not always useful.
Example: "Men in Black" is stored as "Men", "in", "Black". Not sure if quote marks can be used, I never saw anyone using it. In fact some people seem to be so desperate that they write "Men_in_Black" (but this is not a good solution).
I'd like to be able to enter in Keywords: Men in Black, action which would result in keywords "Men in Black" and "action" being assigned to the image.

What I don't remember seeing in either gallery :

1) I want to let the users to choose which sections of the gallery they want to see. Without this option even "Recent Comments" feature (that is one of my fav. features) is not very useful. A solution with help of joinable groups might me acceptable, even though I'd prefer a separate add/remove function (in forum or gallery options, doesn't matter). Basicly there might be some galleries that certain members consider gross/inappropriate, so they should be able to remove these galleries from the galleries list OR at least remove all comments(along with images) from "Recent Comments" posted in the said galleries.

Even if you can't answer all questions I'd still appreciate your answer if you have a guess/feeling which of the both scripts would be easier to achieve the desired result with! I just need to decide which one to buy ( or I'll spend so much time comparing them that I could've done the half of the modifications already ^^; )

Thank you in advance!

Also, even if it's a bit off-topic: is it better to have a shared DB for PP/vBG (whichever I decide to buy) and vBulletin or install to PP/vBG on a separate DB?
I hope I don't need to save the images/media files in the DB though (regardless whether it's shared with vB or not) because it might be a bit complicated to restore a huge DB if I need to restore it one day.

Chuck S
October 31st, 2006, 10:30 AM
I can not respond to your hacking questions specifically other than say that most anything is possible with hacking.

I would place the comparison list here but I see you already read it so I guess you just need to decide which one.

As far as the page bug its one that has never been reported so I guess no many use that feature. I have passed along a fix though.

Files are stored on disk not database and I always suggest separate databases