View Full Version : 404 error when loading photopost index

September 29th, 2006, 02:10 PM

When i'm loading the photopost index (http://www.virusphoto.com/albums/) there's a redirection to http://www.virusphoto.com/albums/profile.php which shows a 404 error.
This error only happens when logged as a user (no error and no redirection to this page when logged as administrator, or when the page is loaded by a guest).
You can test it by loging in as :
login : test
pass : 6280

How can I fix that ?
Thank you.

Chuck S
September 29th, 2006, 04:08 PM

I dont get any error like that when logging into your site. If you continue to get an error such as this you could always add your vbulletin profile.php file to our auto rewrite replacement routine in header-inc.php

$footvars = array("\"$admincpdir", "\"$modcpdir", "\"archive", "\"sendmessage.php", "\"profile.php", "\"cron.php");
$footrepl = array("\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/$admincpdir","\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/$modcpdir","\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/archive", "\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/sendmessage.php", "\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/profile.php", "\"{$vboptions['bburl']}/cron.php");