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August 24th, 2006, 03:06 PM
ok i'm sure this topic has been rehashed ad-nausea but let's see if i can spin things differently

phpbb site = domain.com
pp site = foto.domain.com

using apache2 with vhosts where
domain.com = /var/www/domain.com
foto.domain.com = /var/www/foto.domain.com

phpbb cookies:
cookie_domain = .domain.com
cookie_name = <null>
cookie_path = /

photopost pro cookies:
cookie_domain = .domain.com
cookieprefix = <null>
cookie_path = /

So the strange part in all this, the part that i'd like to undestand better is that everything works great in IE7 (beta3), but in firefox (1.5) it doesn't.

Here are the steps i follow ... they are the same in IE7 and Firefox:
1. connect and login to domain.com (which is in fact phpnuke 7.8, therefore its using phpbb2.0.15)
2. press the gallery link which redirects me to foto.domain.com
3. now the problem ... with IE7 there is NO problem, it works as expected ... with Firefox there IS a problem - i am NOT logged in.

So I looked at my cookies. IE7 shows a "user" key of "domain.com", as does Firefox. In this sense things are still exactly the same. The distinction is that once i'm at foto.domain.com in firefox, i must login again, and when i do that i notice an new "user" key of "foto.domain.com"

looking for advice, on where i am going wrong with my configuration, or if i need to do something differently?

Chuck S
August 24th, 2006, 06:17 PM
In Nuke if I remember correctly you need to visit the forum first so the forum cookie is created and then you can go to the gallery. At least that was my last working with nuke that I remember otherwise the cookie for the forum does not exist

cookies should work in firefox fine if they work in IE as in browsers all read cookies the same way.

August 24th, 2006, 06:31 PM
exactly correct! that was the ticket indeed! still it is strange that i do not need to visit the forum part of phpnuke if i'm viewing with IE. i guess i'm gonna have to figure out a way in which to have those phpbb cookies initialized when visiting the home page of phpnuke.

thanks for the quick response chuck!