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August 7th, 2006, 12:23 AM
I am interested in a purchase of PhotoPost to hook it into my vBulletin forum.

1) Can I grant upload permissions based on certain user groups? I want only premium members be able to upload their pictures.

2) What is the average load increase of the software on a server?

3) I am considering to install Photopost in a sub-domain on my second server and not on the server the forum is running on. I want allow a remote database connection to gain access to the vBulletin database. Is that kind of installation possible and supported (example: Forum.com = server 1 and photopost.forum.com = server 2) ?

4) How does the software work with my forum skin? Does it use the same CSS and all the vBulletin settings? Or is it completely different? Does the installation service include the skin adjustments?

Thanks for your replies.


Chuck S
August 7th, 2006, 07:09 AM
1. YES

2. Same as the forum or any other software that is dependent upon the load of people viewing it and using it

3. You can do it if you have external mysql connection but this kind of install does not give you the ability to use the vbulletin enhanced integration so you would only have integrated login not header stylesheet intergration cause you need to install on the same server as vbulletin for this

4. If installed on the same server yes it uses your forum skin header footer post icons WYSIWYG interface for commenting etc. I dont know what you mean by include skin adjustments. Installation service will install Photopost for you integrated with your vbulletin forum so your up and running and ready to go.