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July 16th, 2006, 06:54 AM
I have vbgallery I don't know how to back up just the images in this as they are in the forum database I guess.

If I buy this PhotoPost Pro.....
a) Does it work as a standalone i.e so its not reliant of which version of VB I'm running or is it part of vbulletin

b) can I import the vBgallery images from my current database into PhotoPost Pro

c) IF, its a standalone, and I'm able to import vBgallery can I either

i) export those images back to a vBgallery (should I wish to) and then use PP on a separate site OR

ii) change the PP from standalone to an intergrated with vB (once the pp works with Vb3.6)

Don't know if that makes sense, this whole vBgallery fiasco is driving me nuts., I just want to be able to use the vB3.6 forum without losing my images. Cheers

Chuck S
July 16th, 2006, 09:59 AM
Okay yeah the post above is confusing me a little ;) Let's see if we can explain how things work as far as the import is concerned.

Okay this is how things work. Photopost Pro would need to be integrated with vbulletin if you plan on importing vbgallery images etc. This is a given since vbgallery is a vbulletin addon. Now Photopost Pro though is not suspect to the same issues vbgallery has when vbulletin changes something as seen with the recent 3.6. Since we use our own language and template system we are 100% compatible with vbulletin 3.6 however vbgallery is not.

Therefore through this whole process you would integrate photopost with vbulletin. Now you could install Photopost as a standalone and import the vbgallery cats images etc however that still leaves you with one problem which is why you cant do it. You need to write a script to import vbulletin users into photopost users table. If you know how to write scripts you could totally separate things but there is no backwards user import feature anywhere here since users want to integrate with vb not separate from it.