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July 7th, 2006, 12:23 AM
The install instructions for PhotoPost Pro are very lacking. I found myself coming here several times and having to search through tons of posts to figure things out. Most of the time I had to see the same question answered 2-3 times in a different way before I could figure out the answer... lol... it's really comical. I was able to install vBulletin quicker than I've been able to install PhotoPost.

Many of the install instructions are here and they need to be in the install instructions. I figure when you pay $129 for a program you get thurough instructions.

You guys are smart as a whip... brilliant in fact. You communicate on a different level than many people I've seen asking questions here. I guess because you know it so well you assume others will understand what you are talking about. I'm sure some will, but there are many who won't.

I can follow thurough instructions, but when they leave out steps or have no help files included to further explain the steps, it gets frustrating having to search for answers and then answers are so vague.

Granted, I know you want folks visiting the forum to boost your advertising revenues, etc.... but at least give us a good set of install instructions and let us get it installed easily. Then for mods and other troubleshooting we got the forum.

Chuck S
July 7th, 2006, 05:30 AM
Hello please explain what you think is lacking in the install instructions as I think they are quite thorough here


July 7th, 2006, 09:59 AM
There is much of the language that is for the advanced user and no explanation to what most of it means. Right now our server has been down since late last night so I can't get in there to tell you the exact pages during the install process but I will be happy to do this for you when the servers get back up for our site.

Had it been clearer explained for the beginner I would not have had to come here and look for answers to what was causing me problems. Some of it I still couldn't find answers to, so I guessed and finally got it right.

Sometimes beginners need explicit detailed instructions to walk them through these more complicated installs. I found vBulletin much easier to intall than photopost. Next to each entry blank they have a small question mark that you click on and a pop up box explains exactly what you need to enter in that space and if there are any options it explains them.

When I read a line and think to myself, what is the world are they talking about here... it obviously means it not explained well enough for the beginner. I don't know... maybe you have it that way so that more people with use your installation services... but I can tell ya... it ain't no walk in the park.

It should be evident that something is not explained well enough if you have the number of people getting errors here that you do. I see you answering the some of the same questions over and over. Something there is not explained in detail enough if that many people are having ask the same question over and over and keep missing something in what they are doing.