View Full Version : Classifieds (Auctions) and vBAdvanced Integration

June 29th, 2006, 04:09 PM
The sequel to a previous post involves the integration of recents auctions (this is a dedicated auction site) and classified categories with vBAdvanced (http://www.vbadvanced.com). You can see the integration of both inc_classifieds.php and inc_ads.php at our timeshare forums (http://www.timesharegateway.com/forums/) website. Scroll toward the bottom of the page to see both blocks in action.
Thanks to Chuck's input, we were able to narrow the categories in the inc_classifieds.php block to only include categories that have one or more ads. This shortens the list tremendously, and makes it easier to get right to the ads. Variations of these blocks will appear on the site as we get the auctions off the ground. We remain hopeful for a fix to "re-list" auctions, as this is pivotal to the success of this project. One such variation will be a dedicated page that will display only these two blocks. This will imply, of course that there are ample ads to fill a lot of featured thumbs, and a large selection of categories with ads. When we officially launch this section of the site, we'll post a link to this page for all to see.
Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.