View Full Version : ReptileRooms.com - PostNuke Integration :)

November 22nd, 2005, 01:13 PM
I don't remember posting in here before, so here goes :)


It took me about 2 weeks or so to fully integrate the two and get PhotoPost running as a module. There are still one or two teeny tiny bugs, but they're in features I'm not using anyway.

It's been up and running for a couple of weeks now, happily chugging along nice and fast with a database of 13,001 users (as of this morning).

I still need to do a few layout & template tweaks - to give it more of a similar appearance to the forum, but it's coming along nicely.

Speaking of the forums, to help the integration along a bit, users who upload to the gallery get up to 6 of their most recent uploads shown in their profile (I say "up to", because if a user's only uploaded 2 images, it can only show 2 thumbs).


And it also shows the lil "Gallery" Icon next to the Profile/PM/Email/etc. buttons on posts.

The gallery add-ons for the forum aren't real-time (or at least, not completely). I have several PHP scripts running in my cron hourly, 6 hourly, and daily, which do various databaes maintenance, shifting some thins out of real-time to speed up page delivery, etc. and in the 6 hourly script, there's a query that basically looks who's uploaded to the gallery, how many images they've uploaded, and sets that number in a field on their forum profile.

When the forum does its usual thing to pull user data, it requests this extra field on the already existing query (so no extra SQL queries! :)), and if it's higher than 0, display the icon. If it's not, don't. Profile views work in a similar way - except that the actual image thumbs are pulled real-time (based off the number stored in the user profile from the cron job).