View Full Version : Can you add custom required fields in the Upload Image area?

November 3rd, 2005, 10:08 PM
I was wondering if you can add custom made required fields in the Upload Image area. I want to add a couple of fields (eg. Designer, Source, Credits) in that area before a member submits the image. And if the member didnt put anything in those fields, it will produce an error message saying the member needs to go back and enter someting in those required fields... haha hope i make sense. So is this possible?

edit: oh i just read the licenses sayin it only let u run one year... so after one year, whats the price of the renewal license?

November 14th, 2005, 07:27 PM
ok i have create two custom fields to be required before anyone can uplaod any pics... but how come i can still upload pictures in the quick upload without having any fields completed at all? even in the multiple upload page?