View Full Version : considering a purchase

October 17th, 2005, 12:37 AM

1. Yes

2. Not sure about the technicalities of an installer versus the new product system it but at least in regards to uninstalling the same script that is used to install the product contains an option to uninstall it as well.

3. I just took a look at the installation readme file... the only code edits are two optional steps. They are to (a) group the templates together when viewing them in the style manager and (b) to have the mod options show up in the default mod cp instead of having the mod go to a seperate menu.

4. Yes, it is an option in the gallery control panel.

5. Not sure where the June date is coming from but the version for vB 3.5 was released in July.

In regards to the code edits, if you don't want to do the two optional steps above then the only things you have to change code is the configuration file in the Gallery folder to indicate where your forums are, after that the installer does all of the DB changes as necessary (there are no vB code changes required). The same script is used to install & deinstall the various DB tables & changes.