View Full Version : Why I can't switch from photopost

March 27th, 2005, 10:48 PM

I would post this in the Feedback and Suggestions forum but people that don't have the script yet can't post there. I think you should fix that, because a lot of your feedback would come from prospective users like me.

2. Here's the meat of the issue.

Unfortunately I can't yet make the switch from photopost to vBadvanced gallery due to a key incompatibility

1. Photopost allows six custom category-specific text fields plus custom fields of textbox, checkbox, dropdown, radio.
VbAdvanced Gallery allows custom fields of many kinds, but they have to be the same for all the categories.

I hope this issue can be resolved in an upcoming release so I can transition from photopost to vBadvanced Gallery. It would be a good idea to "fix" this anyway. If you have Cars in one gallery you might want MAKE, YEAR, MODEL, COLOR, MILEAGE as your custom fields. In another gallery you have Computers, and your custom fields are PROCESSOR, RAM, HD SIZE, etc.

There is no way to resolve that fundamental difference under the current system of having one set of custom fields for all the galleries.

The customization of field types is great in vBadvanced, but it also would create a problem in trying to move photos between galleries where the layouts were different. Maybe a compromise is to let the user choose category-specific TITLES for the custom fields, and keep the datatypes the same for each. That way photopost users could keep their custom titles and six text fields, and vbadvanced users could take advantage of the custom data types?