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March 24th, 2005, 04:45 AM
Hi. Sorry, but I can't post in the vBadvanced section so I am posting this here. I was wondering if vBadvanced can achieve this:

I want to create a forum with more than 10 main forums and 300 sub-forums.
Each of these forums and sub-forums will have their own homepage which will display their own categories information including 4 top rated posts, 4 polls and 4 top rated articles(from an article hack) and some custom content.

I was hoping that the vBadvanced hack will do this but it sems that it is only a fancy homepage. Navigation is also another concern, and i was hoping something like a DHTML/Tree navigation would be possible.

Is there a CMS that can work with vBulletin to achieve this? Can I make vBadvanced do this? Is there a combination of hacks that I can use to do this?

I am researching how difficult it will be to create my project using different forums like phpBB and IBP.
So far I like vBulletin a lot more but the seperate forum homepages are very important and so far it seems that phpBB has been integrated into more CMSs that may allow this.

I could even just use dreamweaver templates and sydicate the content. That might be a simpler option.


March 24th, 2005, 09:12 AM
Yes. The CMPS file can be copied and used as many times as you would like to create new pages and every default option can be changed on a per-page basis. You would just need to make copies of the file, name them whatever you would like (or place each in a sub-folder to give the appearance of a different URL), add a line of code at the top of each to specify which page that file should use, and then create a new page through the Admin CP and specify your options on that page.
As for the navigation menu, I believe there is a hack in the hacks forum that will do this.

March 24th, 2005, 09:26 PM
Thanks, I didnt know this was possible. Hmm, but say if I need to update the CMPS later? Will I just have to overwrite all the files and their settings will be kept?
It seems pretty cool but I wonder how the vBulletin admin controls will look like if there are hundreds of CMPSs :D . I'm just worried that it will be difficult to maintain.

I also figured i could use an XML CMS called Sapid http://sapid.sourceforge.net/ and use the external RSS to show latest posts etc.. It also allows me to convert all the pages to HTML or PHP or vice-versa. Maybe also in the future I could pay someone to create an module to show the polls on the homepages.

But I would still rather use the vBavanced CMPS if it would would be efficient.

Thanks again.

March 24th, 2005, 09:36 PM
There shouldn't be any reason why upgrades for the CMPS would be a problem. I've intentionally kept most of the code out of the cmps_index.php file for exactly that reason. And it won't affect anything with your vB admin.