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December 13th, 2004, 09:47 AM
After browsing through the Gallery forums there are still a few questions left.
Case scenario: my current Photopost (PP) site has 24 categories, 400 members, 2000 photos and 10000 comments.
I divide users between regular and sponsor, with several sponsor usergroups. Regulars can only post 1 photo per day, the photo must be admin/mod approved, 1MB limit of disk space and no restrictions regarding number of comments, ratings etc.
Sponsors can post an unlimited number of unmoderated photos per day, can create user/personal albums, have no restrictions regarding comments, ratings, etc and only differ in disk space allocated to each level or usergroup.
Everyone should be able to edit their own photos and comments but no one can delete them.
No other filetype beside .jpg (and .jpeg) is allowed.

If there is something from the scenario above undoable in Gallery, please let me know.

Upload limits. Haven't seen those anywhere. This is of the most importance to me. Is there a way to limit the number of uploads per usergroup?

1 - About importing. Reading another thread (http://www.vbadvanced.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3954) I got the impression that I must keep PP after importing to Gallery. I found it hard to believe, is this true?
1.1 - I don't use custom fields in PP. Can I assume no data whatsoever is lost after importing? I mean: in PP, photo A, under Category XYZ, has 23 unique comments, 20 different ratings with a median of x.y points and that will be exactly the same in Gallery.
1.2 - PP prefixes each uploaded photo with the owner's userid and saves it to the category folder. Everytime I need to change the photo's category, the actual file must be moved on the server. From what I read, Gallery saves each photo to a separate user's folder. Can you explain better how Gallery handles files and how this affects the import?
1.3 - The Description Character Limit is just 250 characters. I need at least 1024. Is it possible?

2 - Thumbnails. I've made a simple hack to PP to make it create square thumbnails out of the value I defined as thumb size in the admin. I suppose would be trivial to reproduce in Gallery, am I correct?

3 - Watermarks. All photos are watermarked on upload with a transparent png file but besides that, PP allows for a second non-permanent method called on-the-fly, i.e. a new jpeg is created to display the watermarked photo and then dumped.
Using on-the-fly, I've made another simple hack that checks if the user has its own watermark and if it does, it watermarks that photo with an additional watermark. It's a simple "if /userwatermarks/$userid_watermak.png exists, then watermark it".
Can I do this, or something similar in Gallery?

4 - Integration. How is the integration done in CMPS pages and also in forum pages?
4.1 - User values like number of photos or comments can be integrated into current forum pages like user profile or parts like the postbit?

... and finally...
5 - Gallery user profiles. All user links point to their forum profile. Is there a page with all member's photos and albums/categories?

Uff!! That's a long list of questions! Thanks for taking the time to read it! =)

December 13th, 2004, 11:52 AM
Thanks Brian! =)

Currently that is not an option. It would be fairly easy to write a quick hack for it though, so if it's needed please let me know after you purchase a copy and I can give you the code.
Thanks!! =) This is very important to me because a lot of users tend to ignore the rules and try to post 15 images in a row.

The only thing that you may want to note is that we do not store ratings in the same way as PP and it does not display who rated the image in the comments like they do.
It's not very important to me and since the voter userid is kept, it could probably be hacked to display it also along the comments.

I have changed my PP to prevent users from rating without also making a comment. Can this be done also in Gallery?
Another thing, can I change ratings to 10 stars instead of just 5?

vBa Gallery doesn't currently have watermarking on the fly. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to add a permanant watermark with the same method though.
On-the-fly is not a difficult method using the imagecreate functions in php.
Anyway, it is not an indispensable feature for me. I can add it along the way.

Shows all of my images... Hadn't thought about adding the categories to that page, but I think I may have to add that as well at some point. :)
If you look at my PP profile page (http://35mm.org/fotoblog/showgallery.php/ppuser/1/cat/500), you'll see some personal albums on the top and images posted into "general" categories.
Don't mind the design... it looks like a beggars hat website =)
If something similar could be done, great! =)

Any plans of including spider friendly urls to Gallery? And talking about plans, any public "roadmap" of Gallery?

And the $1.000.000 question, what's your policy about refunds?
Like I've said to you earlier in my pm, I'm satisfied with PP. It's a great product and I do like it very much. But in some aspects, its a royal pain in the butt.
I'm very impressed with Gallery and I like the way it integrates with vB but I'm seeing from afar.
I don't want to exchange one nightmare for another.

Thanks again for you time!

December 13th, 2004, 12:32 PM
There's not an option for this. It probably wouldn't be too difficult to just remove the rating options from everywhere but the reply page though. Not sure if this would be an issue, but keep in mind that the ratings are not linked with the replies at all, so it wouldn't really be possible to display them together.
Maybe a simple javascript can prevent the rating from being submitted if the comment text area is empty... just thinking out loud...
But I'm not sure if you had replied to the star rating question. Can I change them from 5 to 10?

We've never had a request for a refund yet. It would depend on the circumstances though whether one was given or not.
I would only ask for a refund if after installing it wouldn't work properly or at all. I believe I've covered most ground with all this questions but experience thought me better than that.
For example, my host has a very strict policy about changing php settings and because they are sponsoring my site, giving me the necessary space and bandwidth, I really can't make any demands.
I suppose that if I'm able to run PP and vB, there won't be a problem running Gallery although there is no requirements page.

August 6th, 2005, 08:07 AM
How to delete the photo file from gallery?