View Full Version : How many categories can photopost handle?

November 11th, 2005, 11:21 AM
How many categories can photopost handle without lossing to much speed?

Chuck S
November 11th, 2005, 01:40 PM
That is a subjective number. It would all depend on server setup memory all the norms

November 11th, 2005, 03:04 PM
True, I have a VPS at the moment but will eventually moving to a dedicated server. Eventually I will be needing about 3 categories > 30 subcategories >100 subcategories > 1000-1500 subcategories and all up about 50,000 photos. I really need to know if, say a basic dedicated server with a Pentium IV 2.4 GHz with a gig of ram would run it ok, if not I will need to rethink my layout before my gallery gets to large.

Chuck S
November 11th, 2005, 03:36 PM
I will let Michael respond here as he runs a pretty big site and can give some better insight here

November 12th, 2005, 10:01 PM
We've got almost 4000+ categories and haven't had any issues. See attached image.

The actual LENGTH pixels were 18000+ but had to resize it...

Michael P
November 12th, 2005, 10:17 PM
So many factors are involved - how many users do you plan to have online at any one time, do you run MySQL and Apache on the same server? It's not PhotoPost that limits you, its your servers resources. A P4 2.4g with 1gb of RAM isn't a big server (you didnt mention what kind of hard drives, SCSI/IDE, etc.). I'd say go with it until you outgrow it.

November 19th, 2005, 02:26 PM
I already have almost 3 500 categories and need more and more at http://zeno.ru. It is not dedicated server but one of thousands hosted by my ISP. I believe that PP can serve much more categories - at least, I can migrate to the dedicated server if I'll see problems with usability of the database.
But there is one problem that is really headach. If you are usual user, there are no problems. But if you have rights to move pages between categories, you are getting quite big file of the page because the whole list of categories should be inside the page for this moving option. And it will grow further and further while you are developing the categories tree.
Do you have any ideas how to resolve that problem? (Please do not offer 1 Gb connection for such user :) )