View Full Version : Cat Group by Member Issues

October 5th, 2005, 12:06 PM
- Category assigned albums in Group by Member > Username > should only show albums of User - if they have any.

- When viewing pics in this mode, viewing should end at users' pics.
Pics of other users should not show in filmstrip or next/prev view.

Photopost provides a primary dual function:
- to have a community gallery, ie, Categories representing all pics by all users
- and to be able to view the same uploaded pics as per individual user.

The community (Categories) gallery serves well to show all latest uploads of pics of a given topic.

But viewing Group by Members pics is flawed.

Yes artisans at our site are a fickle bunch.
It is not a good thing to have photos of their work linked to an article at our site, and have pics lead on to someone else's inferior or superior work.

~ Mark