View Full Version : Want to go from standalone to Vbulletin in Reviewpost?

Chuck S
August 30th, 2005, 12:06 PM
Okay if you just bought Vbulletin and have a standalone install of Reviewpost you want to integrate with Reviewpost you will need to take the proper steps to realign Reviewpost to integrate with Vbulletin.

This script is written to assist users to import there Reviewpost users into Vbulletin user table thus enabling you to switch Reviewpost to a Vbulletin integration and have everyone able to use Vbulletin

1. Upload both files from the zip to your server

2. Chmod import.cnf file to 777

3. Load import.php script in your browser and fill out the database information and then run through the steps

Thats It.